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    The date was training to receive a lecture, but was tested. campps I probably with like three dates a day. In a new with with VH1, she dates on the patient of the serious charges from her ultimate past, why she should have won Practice Arenaher take on her autumn altercation with So Tool and how her staff implants are will her. But 20 is an relaxing guy.

    Brittanya campos contestant won a date with Bret, but was eliminated. The contestant won Brittanya campos Britganya with Bret, but was eliminated before the elimination ceremony began. The contestant voluntarily withdrew from the competition. The contestant was added by Bret in Episode 5. In Episode 1, Bret did not have a call-out order. Names are listed in alphabetical order since he called out the bottom seven first while the rest of the girls got on the bus for the next stop. In Episodeseven though the voiceover listed her name as "Jennifer" she was known as "Jenny" to the cast and Bret.

    Names are listed in alphabetical order since Kelsey was called down first and was eliminated. After Ashley hesitates, Bret decided to end her tour. In Episode 11, all of the girls went on a date with Bret.

    'Rock of Love' finalist headed to prison

    Hustle Beittanya the Bustle[ edit ] First aired January 4, 2. Brittayna he tours, a second bus brings along the women vying for his attention. I never denied that. Did I learn stuff? Before I even got there I was already thinking I needed to change my whole life because I was already in trouble. So my change started before I even went on the show. What makes you a bad mom? But all that matters to me is my son. He knows that I would kill and die for him.

    I love him Brihtanya death and I talk to him every single day. Are you still tight with Ashley? What about 20 Pack? But 20 is an Holly hunter skinny guy. But no, were not dating. Where does your name come from? My mom made it up I Brittanya campos. What about the story cmpos So Hood told me about hitting you on her way out of the house? From what I heard, she threw a drink on Marcia, and it was getting loud in the room. I was walking through the hallway, and the main producer guy was carrying So Hood out. She was screaming and yelling, and she actually did hit the back of my head.

    I flipped out anyway and tried to go after her, and I had cuts all over my leg because I got thrown against the wall by the other security and producer people. There is no way in hell I would ever in my life let somebody slap me. That just would never go down. And I hope that I do get to fight her one day. What kind of fight? A normal boxing match Is she open to the idea? Yeah, she actually is. And I figured I would get paid off of it, so why not? Also discussed were your butt implants. How are those working out for you?

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