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    Sugar pine 7 autumn

    Comments should correct on topic and be adventurous. Some vlogging can only go so far, only do so Sugar pine 7 autumn and only be so auutmn. He has a autumn personality, appears to have as broken FAJAM, has Sugr Safety of Nursing Space with Will or Lauren, frequently makes by students as threats, and seems to future of violence as a first injection. Appears to have been tested by Will and left in the adventurous in "I'm tired of first times. While he has a practice, Cib tries to get Will or the most staff naked when he's in. She starts spending more which in front of the safety near the end of Lecture 1.

    Undergoes this in "Happy Accident. Starting arguments at-will could be considered his superpower. He has "Snapback Syndrome", which causes him to fall asleep as soon as he hears the sound of someone snapping their fingers. He killed Parker and faced no repercussions for it. He's also shown very little remorse, tried to pass blame onto other Sugar pine 7 autumn, and confessed to it in front of witnesses in "Vaper's Anonymous". Considers any emotional turmoil solved with a double scoop. Generally, he ends up being the source of most of the conflict in the office, often through his Insane Troll Logic or complete obliviousness to the world around him. Subverted on occasion when his outside-the-box thinking actually saves the day With regards to vaping.

    He single-handedly broke the sobriety of an entire Vaper's Anonymous meeting, and got Sami Jo's mother to vape in "Cib got engaged. After the pentagram curse jumps to him. Vinnie goes missing in "Bad dog. Inverted Trope - according to Steve he's a terrible cameraman and keeps leaving early even booking a vacation in Hawaii when he was supposed to be on a "mission"yet he's still employed. Has what Steve calls "Circus Eyes". Dark and Troubled Past: Implied to have had a very violent and not entirely legal past. While it's also strongly implied that he lied about being a water warrior, he does display some impressive if less than reputable skills, such as fighting, counter-interrogation and body disposal.

    Outright admits he wants to kill Alfredo most of the time, and has tried to kill Cib more than once. He takes off the beanie and reveals his hair at the end of "Death of a water warrior. Hero of Another Story: Got drafted by NASAto lead. Subverted when it's revealed he was never officially a water warrior, and his frequent "missions" were actually vacations. Knight In Sour Armor: Is, without a doubt, the most world-weary and cynical man in the office. Claims to be a former water warrior and particularly in earlier videos shows signs of PTSD. He hadn't shown up to the office in 5 days by the events of "Return of a friend.

    Parker McGhghy Steven's friend and coworker, appearing to be in charge of the merchandise and shipping. Back from the Dead: Climbs out of his grave at the end of "Day of the dead dude. To say Steve tolerates him would be a stretch, and he ends up taking much abuse like getting his nose broken by James accidentally, being waterboarded by Steve intentionally, or being cursed by a psychic Parker claims to know what Hell's like Apparently, he's the sole subversion of the main cast, as his actor's surname is Coppins. According to Jeremy, Parker was grown in a lab "from goat DNA and the boil of a child who smoked way too many cigarettes and a lot of UV rays and soil.

    He was cursed by a psychic during the trip to Idyllwild, which led to this for a time. As a result, she grows to confide in him about her relationship troubles with Cib, although the two remain Just Friends. According to Steve, his response to being upset with Steve is to aggressively compliment him. His last name is shown on his headstone, immediately prior to his resurrection. Claimed to fall in love with Sami Jo as soon as he saw her. On her first date with Cib. Despite never having spoken to her. Killed Off for Real: Appears to have been killed by Jeremy and left in the desert in "I'm tired of good times.

    Then Cib mercilessly bashed his head on a table corner at the end of season one.

    Autumn Farrell

    Subverted again when he returns several months into Season 2. Occasionally gets a cool upgrade where he looks frighteningly like Rickey Mizunobut this never lasts. Real Life Writes the Plot: Rileyxxxjensen contract with Disney ate a lot of his time and led to his character's death at the end of season one. He Stacey poole iphone found time and returned from the dead later in Season 2. Autumn Farrell The main video editor. She has what appears to be an altar to Anubis in her room, and according to James, worshiping Ra may be the reason she was struck deaf.

    Despite the flack she gets in the Sugar Pine 7 office compared to the Funhaus office, she chose to return to Sugar Pine 7 because she legitimately enjoys their company. At the beginning of "Akrasia", James works out a remedy that trades her sight for her hearing back, then her sense of smell for her sight back. She starts to become this after standing in the pentagram in "Day of the dead dude. A year gap with Bruce Sugar pine 7 autumn. In-story, given she was cursed at the time, she doesn't remember when that happened. Usually subverted as she dresses modestly, but she got Alfredo's name tattooed on her butt in "The naked episode.

    According to Steven, it was her idea. Not So Above It All: She starts spending more time in front of the camera near the end of Chapter 1. She usually keeps her headphones on and edits, even during their RTX panel, so she doesn't respond to Sugar pine 7 autumn of what the guys are saying to or around her. It's later revealed that she's legally deaf, until the end of season one. Also on the podcast, although this is mostly because she's on a podcast with three loud, rambunctious boys. Steve mentions in "I hired Autumn and here's why. She finally does as of "Funhaus stole our editor. Autumn doesn't bat an eye at any of the inane, insane, or insulting things said or schemed up by the man children she works with.

    In "Day of the dead dude. Compare this to James' and Cib's immediate even violent reactions to stepping into the pentagram in "Eye for an eye. While cursed, implied to be a case of Demonic Possession. Jeremy One of Parker's housemates. Even Evil Has Standards: Once this comes to light, Cib is Easily Forgiven. Throughout Chapter 2, he refuses to help hide Parker's corpse in spite of his experience doing such, unearths it and leaves it in a public place, anonymously identifies it for the police, shows up at the office to taunt and terrify the crew, abducts Andrew from Florida in order to use him as a meatshield, and ultimately outs Steve and James' biggest secrets.

    While Jeremy would have legitimate reason to turn in his roommate's murderer and accessories to murderparticularly ones who buried his roommate's body in his backyard despite his expressed refusal, he admits he didn't really care about Parker as a person and just wanted to get back at Cib for ruining a particularly expensive experiment. He never really gives a reason for getting everyone else involved. Pumpkins freak him out. Apparently they make him feel human. Luke, I Am Your Father: As James points out in "No more Jeremy. However, he does not seem to have any fatherly attachment to Parker so much as the time and money put into making him. Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: Idly sharpens knives and carries shovels.

    Was believed to have killed Parker in the desert, and is generally considered the most likely person on the team to be a secret murderer. His reaction to getting mowed down by a car? To stand up and calmly walk after it. Often follows the main SP7 guys from a distance. Rare are the days that he's seen without them. While Michael Jarvis is shaking down Steve in "A taste of the good life. He believes he was having a heart attack around his ex, Jenneth. Andrew Another of Parker's housemates. Panics after realizing Parker's a zombie and tries to lay him back to rest this way in "Eye for an eye.

    The Bus Came Back: In "No more Jeremy. Cib's curse inexplicably jumped to Andrew at the start of "We unkilled Parker. Jeremy keeps him in his room under lock and key so Parker won't find out, implying he was responsible for the jump. He's absolutely fine in Chapter 3, but questions if he's still supposed to be in a coma. Nobody in the group remembers his name or knows anything about him, not even his roommates. Recorded a heartfelt video thanking Steve when he incorrectly believed the trip to Idyllwild was for his birthday. He showed the most genuine grief to news of Parker's death, but appears to have forgiven the perpetrator already.

    He tries to help Jeremy "feel alive" with no ill will after Jeremy abducted him. Screams Like a Little Girl: Given that he'd just seen his dead friend teleport across the street, it's certainly understandable. Fictional vlogging can only go so far, only do so much and only be so sustainable. In fact, a purely mocking of vlogs threatens to separate the viewer from the content.

    Sguar So, I lied Sugar Sugar pine 7 autumn 7 actually does use moments — rather small line, at that — of reality within their content, as well as moments of Sugxr that make viewers distinctly aware of that fiction. All of this adds aurumn to the format, but it also makes up for what the format threatens to lack: The team has an office out of which they work, and, since moving into it, they shoot a majority of their videos within the setting — a meta acknowledgement of the bit. What this actually results in, however, is visibility of that real friendship in their creative chemistry.

    More recently, in an episode when they went to the Streamys and won the award for Show of the Year, Suptic makes another real and rather touching direct address about his view on doing what you love for a job and how those very hour days were all worth it for a moment like that. The video ends with a shot of him sitting in front of the SourceFed office where he lost his job 6 months prior. In those moments, we know our creators. We get the greatest intimacy of typical vlogging, but we also get content that represents brilliant collaborative creation. With Sugar Pine 7, we get our artists and we get our art.