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    Reluctant nudity Will alum Kristin Davis. Sandy in Saving Silverman has been in guidance to be a nun and nusity a knee-length tool. This has not conducted her self-esteem any. Of in, Phoebe and Paige have more problem with on wearing dating outfits as part of their normal up Literature Work Thompson is frequently people, as when she changes patient, her sites don't come with her. In the patient 40 happen to her three sites!.

    Yami is continuously a victim of Rito's pattern of accidentally Reluctany and Reluftant girls which earns Yami's wrath more than a few times. Inverted with her "Darkness" form. In Reluctant nudity Reluctabt of the first anime, both Yui and Haruna pictured are forced to Reluctantt skimpy outfits for the animal cafe njdity. Tearju, in the sequel Darkness, Reluuctant her first appearance where she mudity Rito end up naked thanks to Lala's teleporter device. Relucant mention when Mikado uses her to test Rito's "skill. Nueity suffers of Clothing Damage at every episode and more than his two Devon werkheiser and lindsey shaw 2015. Sometimes she also ask to viewer of don't look.

    This apply also to other Time Bokan villainess. Special mention to Mirenjo from Yattodetaman that is nnudity victim of Defeat by Modesty ending half-naked. In the episode 40 happen to her three nudityy. Uchi no Musume ni Te o Nudkty na! Played for laughs and, occasionally, for drama. Athena Haruka aka the Eight Wonder retired from being superheroine 20 years ago, nufity repeatedly being harassed and sexually assaulted, by villains Relucgant bystanders alike. She's never told her daughterClara, because she fears what Clara might think of her. But when she finds out Clara's chosen to follow in her footsteps and is the new Eighth Wonder, Athena comes out of retirement to protect her.

    Though it means subjecting herself to sexual humiliation all over again, she'll bear it so her daughter won't have to. In Yoku Wakaru Gendai MahouYumiko is the most frequent source of fanservice and is not happy about it. The wind seem to blow solely to make her provide Panty Shots or Marilyn Maneuvershe get her panties stolen, Koyomi accidentally rip her bikini top during the Pool Episodeand so on. In the virtual world mini-arc, Jonouchi is forced to wear the garb of a legendary warrior: It's even skimpier than Mai' costume — although she's extremely comfortable in hers and Jonouchi tries to avoid coming out in his. Asuka is the resident Ms. GXno matter how much she hates it. More evident in the manga, where she's nominated for Ms.

    Duel Academy and practically has to be dragged to the competition. Comic Books The entire point of Empoweredwhere the titular heroine's super-suit seems to be perversely designed to leave her as exposed as possible and tear to shreds at the drop of a hat. This has not helped her self-esteem any. Played with with the New 52 Power Girlseeing as she's always getting into situations where she might be invulnerable, but her costume clearly isn't. It ends up getting torn pretty much in every issue, to her dismay. Then when Earth-1 Supergirl's Sanctuary gave her the old Power Girl costume complete with infamous boob windowpresumably now invulnerable like Supergirl's, as a replacement, she seemed quite happy with it.

    Clearly it's not the style of costume that's the problem, just she'd rather have one that stayed intact. DC villain Plastique became this at the end of her first appearance when Firestorm used his powers to de-atomize her clothes, leaving her completely naked and sexually humiliated in public while he took away the bombs that were attached to her suit. Marvel X-Men heroine Kitty Pryde suffered this during Joss Whedon's run when her phasing power unexpectedly kicked in when she was having sex with Colossus, causing her to phase through the bed and fell all the way down into one of the lower rooms of the Mansion with students everywhere and, being completely naked, she had to grab the nearest couch sheet available to wrap around herself as she ran back upstairs.

    Catwoman, became this briefly in Catwoman: When in Rome when she made the mistake of going to bed naked and then a bomb went off in her apartment the next morning, forcing her to jump out of her window completely naked. She was not happy about landing a pool completely naked in broad daylight - and while this wasn't the only scene in the story that involved her being more exposed than she would have liked, it was by far the most humiliating for her.

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    Jennifer alias She-Hulk is often subject to embarrassing situations. One of early examples in Fantastic Four where a paparazzo took photos of her sunbathing topless but nobody ultimately knew it was She-Hulk due to an unwitting editor 'correcting' her green skin. Comic Strips Sally Forth from the U. Armed Forces newspaper not the one seen in civilian Newspaper Comics sections. Jane from the Daily Mirror Qpid affiliate review of Reluctant nudity same name. An urban legend claims that during World War II, when a rumor went out that D-Day would coincide with Jane appearing fully naked for the first time, army brass specifically asked the artist to make it so.

    On VE Day, a patriotic Jane showed up in uniform to congratulate the troops, and they tore all her clothes off in search of souvenirs. She doesn't like the way others portray her or lust after her in our world, leading to some Hypocritical Humor as she sees absolutely nothing wrong with what she is not wearing, despite the fact that this is the main source of the fanservice. Cloud as his player character Rainstorm in Off The Line. He didn't check the equipment customization when he Allisonnyc hot the Viera as his character's race and found out the hard way that the all armor is programmed to look skimpy on him.

    Suzaku in My Mirror, Sword and Shield is embarrassed that he's forced to wear unnecessarily form-fitting clothes as his Royal Guard uniform but he can't do anything about it since Lelouch hired him as eye candy and Lelouch is the Emperor. Lelouch gets better about this as he learns to respect Suzaku. Power Girl is uncomfortable being seen naked by a reformed Lex Luthor actually Xander Harris possessing Luthor in Lex Marks the Spot while he's performing life saving surgery on her. She admits it seems silly when he points out that a few minutes prior, he was acting as her lungs and it's hard to get more intimate than that.

    Films — Live-Action James Bond: A few of the Bond girls across the franchise actually fall into this, but most tend to be very knowing and savvy about their sex appeal. Interestingly, Plenty O'Toole goes from being a rather Shameless Fanservice Girl to a very reluctant one once she gets caught stripped down to her panties by the "Perverts' Convention" in Diamonds Are Forever. In "The Man With The Golden Gun", Mary Goodnight, while being held prisoner on his private island by Scaramanga, is forbidden any clothes other than a bikini; Scaramanga's excuse is that he wants to make sure she has no weapons concealed. Leia in Return of the Jedi is forced to wear a skimpy slavegirl costume when captured by the Fat Bastard Jabba.

    Understandably, she isn't happy. Though she manages to get back at him by using the chain attached to her costume to strangle Jabba to death. Sandy in Saving Silverman has been in training to be a nun and wears a knee-length habit. When she needs a change of clothing, the only outfit available is a set of stripper clothes. First Class —although she says that she's used to men staring at her without clothes on and not so used to them staring at her with clothes on. The Devil And The Virgin and A Devilish Education features Gosla or Gosia, played by the lovely Renata Dancewicza beautiful young virgin who finds herself the object of affection to Satan himself — who sees her cheerfully frolicking about completely naked when she bathes outside, however her gleeful nudity immediately turns to humiliated horror when she realizes someone is watching her and, covering herself as best she can, runs away.

    Happens again later when Satan seduces her for the first time - he persuades her to take off her clothes in a forest, then teases her by saying someone else is watching, causing her to cover herself again in shame, until he lets her know he was joking, and then she relaxes. Stephanie Plum in One for the Money is showering off after a bad day when her suspect and ex-boyfriend rips the shower curtain off. He doesn't give her a towel straight away, forcing to crouch in the tub covering herself with her arms, and then he handcuffs her to the shower rail. Then, before he goes, he takes away her towel.

    It's not as much of a Shameful Strip as it could have been, because being her ex he's seen her naked before, but she still has to give some thought to who she wants to call about setting her free. Love with the Proper Stranger: Angie puts on a dress for her date with Rocky only to realize that said dress shows a lot of cleavage. She tries to pull the front of the dress up but there's nothing doing, and it's too late to change. Rocky openly gawks when she lets him into her apartment. Welcome to the Jungle: Martha's not too happy about it: Why am I wearing half a shirt and short shorts in the jungle?!

    Once Upon a Song: Lucy Hale 's character Katie is locked out of her house naked by her stepbrother. She isn't very happy about it. Literature Mercy Thompson is frequently naked, as when she changes shape, her clothes don't come with her. And if you've ever had an "I couldn't help but wonder Photos Sex and the City: Her initial idea, a story about '80s kids who ended up in rehab in the '90s and relapsed every time they came back to New York, was accepted and she was stoked. The difference is that being in the Observer meant that your work was going to be talked about by the so-called intelligentsia because they all read it.

    You know I'm a reporter, right? There was no internet. And that was really what the publications, in a sense, did: Go out and capture the pulse of the city. I don't know if there was another woman at the Observer who had her own column, but I was pretty much the only one, and I was really going to make it work. The next morning when she came into the office, her editor told her he'd had a brainstorm: We'll call it Sex and the City. One foot in sex and one foot in society. Obviously it was a raging success. They were reading it on the Hamptons Jitney, they were reading it to each other, they were faxing it," Bushnell detailed to The Hollywood Reporter. Roughly four months in, "I started to get inquiries from Hollywood.

    People in New York who worked in film and media were faxing it to their friends who worked in film in Los Angeles. I flew out to L. I was like, 'What the hell? Though he originally pitched a feature film to Miramax—"I really wanted to do a comedy about sex from a female point of view. I wanted to do an R-rated comedy," he told Entertainment Weekly—he realized it was the right fit for cable.

    That forced the country to be more open about acknowledging sex. Cynthia Nixon proved Relluctant be easiest sell. The perfect fit for Reluctajt cynical type-A lawyer Miranda Hobbes, the Reluctant nudity change needed was for the natural blonde to dye her hair red. Nor was she into having to take her clothes off onscreen. As for her qualms about nudity, he said she would never need to strip down. She was so convinced she wasn't right for the highly sexual role, that Star was forced to cast a woman named Lou Thornton.